MAN's collective approach


A unique manufacturing collaboration is setting its sights on new opportunities in renewable energy after landing more than £5m of contracts in the sector.
MAN, which is a group of nine manufacturing firms from across the West Midlands, has seen demand for its technical expertise and innovation reach new levels from companies involved in LED lighting, wind and solar power and alternative fuels.
More than 50 local jobs have already been created as a result of this new drive and this figure could be trebled over the next year if the pipeline is translated into firm orders.
PP Electrical Systems is leading the way in this field after benefitting from the surge in printing of special photovoltaic inks onto semiconductor substrates used in the production of solar cells.
The Cheslyn Hay-based company design and build the electric and electronic systems and cabling for the  automated lines – some up to 10 to 15 metres long - used to manufacture these cells, with the vast majority being exported to Asia. 
This work now accounts for 15% of the firm’s £24m annual turnover and will only grow with the addition of further orders from LED light manufacturers.